Opened in 1984 by the current owner KEITH APPLETON, who was at that time a professional Hammond organist & keyboard player, doing gigs & studio session work up & down the country.

The studio was originally only 16 track for 3 years, the first of the 2 inch 24 track machines arrived in 1987. The quantity & quality of outboard equipment increases steadily as the years go by........

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Academy Studio has a very relaxed atmosphere, designed to make musicians & artistes feel comfortable.

Since opening, Academy Music Studio has been fully booked most of the time, Advertising has been kept to an absolute minimum, the quality of product seems to bring the work in.

From the year 2001, things have changed radically in all aspects of pro audio recording, so we now have the best of both worlds, 2 inch analogue if we need it, linked to automated digital devices in an air conditioned environment. The track capability & sonic quality is better than ever.